Did you know that Grantham has its own TALKING NEWSPAPER produced solely for the benefit of the blind and partially-sighted in the local community?

What is a talking newspaper?

Grantham's newspaper is a compact disc (CD) supplying local news, items of interest and special information for the visually impaired, based on items from the week's Grantham Journal with occasional articles from the Lincolnshire Echo.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge. It is produced by a team of volunteers and is delivered, free of charge by the Royal Mail to those registered 'sight impaired'

Do you need special equipment?

No, it can be played on any ordinary CD player or a radio with CD facility.

When do you get the talking newspaper?

The newspaper is recorded on a Friday morning, copied and packed into a special re-usable orange wallet, and delivered on a Saturday morning.